Why Tevva?

Tevva is a UK-based, leading developer of modular electrification systems for medium duty commercial vehicles.

Tevva’s technology exists to make electric trucks that are a direct swap without compromise from diesel to electric: the same route, the same payload.

Tevva eTruck solutions represents the pinnacle of electrical engineering.


eTruck technology that can operate all day long

Electric trucks have significant challenges to overcome, compared to other electric commercial vehicles – they need to be able to work 8-12 hours per day across a variety of routes and distances, unlike cars which are used on average 1.5 hours per day and buses that run on dedicated routes. 

Global market, world class expertise

Delivery trucks are a £75 billion global market and demand for a cost effective, zero emission solution is growing by the day. So while Tevva is based in SE England, our aspirations are global and so is our talent base. We have experts from Europe, the USA and Asia who are drawn to us by the sheer technical excellence of the business.

Tevva is helping leaders in logistics deliver on their sustainability goals

Tevva has addressed barriers to electric truck adoption one at a time – excelling in the quality and robustness of its engineering and quickly gaining ground as a leader in eTrucks and eTruck technologies. We work with household names in logistics, and their customers to deliver on their sustainability goals and green fleet credentials.

The Tevva Story

Tougher than the North Circular.

London’s ring road is probably the toughest environment you can think of but actually our technology started life somewhere even more demanding: Under miles of icy water. Tevva’s founder worked on submarine technology in a former career and the issue of range of battery power was one that the sector had be grappling with for years. Seeing the developments in that sector, he realised that there was another application where using every drop of power was vital.

Born under water.

Like submarines, Tevva uses battery electric propulsion and has developed the option of having a generator to recharge the battery while the vehicle is in motion (the range extender). Also, as in submarines there is a sophisticated system for energy use and optimisation through a bespoke battery management system that both protects the life of the battery cells and, their thermal stability, charging and usage.

The economics are watertight too.

Being able to use all  of the battery charge was fundamental to change the economics in favour of eTruck adoption in fleets.  Tevva technology can deliver a true all purpose electric commercial vehicle – able to do the same work as a diesel but more cleanly and much more cost effectively, and with the option of additional range through bigger battery or range extender.

Tevva technology makes the difference

Tevva has solved many of the technology development issues required to electrify medium duty trucks, and is well positioned to be a technical partner and OEM Tier 1 supplier of choice, enabling electric variants of new and existing vehicle models to be brought to market rapidly and with only modest capital investment.


The future is bright

Tevva has caught the attention of OEM’s, fleets and investors in cleantech and EV technology. Our product range and technology development continue to grow.