Mar 5, 2020
Vision for co-operation on transport decarbonisation brought into sharp focus

The 3rd Transport and Climate Change Week is underway this week in Berlin – highlighting the importance of transport to limit global warming, and the need for ever-increasing levels of co-operation between companies, cities and governments has never been clearer.

Transport Week is run by EcoMobility, an ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability initiative and also incorporates the Climate Action in Mobility Conference, attracting 250 participants from 20 different countries to this invite-only event.

In keeping with its ethos of co-operation and proactive action, Tevva Motors Ltd has been heavily involved, with Sales & Marketing Director David Thackray invited to speak and join the panel on “Cooperation for more traction and action on Transport Decarbonisation” This session explored how the TDA members can use the revision of NDC’s* in 2020 to create more traction and action on transport decarbonisation at COP26 as a pivotal moment at the end of the year.

Tevva has been part of the event through its membership of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance – just one of the many active bodies and organisations that we have membership in our quest not just to talk about the importance of transport and freight in climate change but to actively participate to bring about that change. 

According to the TDA: “Transport decarbonisation is key to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Promising solutions with multiple benefits are increasingly emerging at cost-effective prices. But the uptake of those solutions is still too piecemeal. Accelerating implementation requires more active interplay between cities, companies and governments to leverage demand and supply of solutions to the next level.”

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