Tevva’s Third-generation 7.5t Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Tevva’s new 7.5t BEV, a range-extended truck that comfortably meets (and exceeds) demanding duty cycles for a variety of urban transport functions, is the first in a sequence of vehicles that will be built at Tevva London, our new HQ and manufacturing site in London Distribution Park, Tilbury.

The BEV, first unveiled in September 2021, is a fully flexible chassis cab suitable for a full range of body fitments and duty cycles. Whether your need is ambient, temperature controlled, tail-lift, tipper, crane or curtain-side, the Tevva zero-emission truck is the answer.

Operational benefits include:

A payload of more than two tonnes at 7.5t GVW

Max permissible GVW of 8.0t

Platform space for 16 Euro pallets 5-6 hour charging from fully depleted to 100% – easily easily within a typical overnight rest break

Comprehensive telematics enable continuous remote monitoring of systems

Left or right-hand drive, according to need.

Just the beginning

This first of these British-built Tevva BEVs will be delivered to customers in summer 2022. With its formidable range, design and cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured that Tevva trucks are built for the real world, quietly leading the fight to arrest and reverse the growth in CO2 emissions from road freight.

However, September’s unveiling was only the first in a series of Tevva launches as we move towards a full range of zero-emission urban trucks that will lead the “Race to Zero”:

Step 1: 7.5t BEV

Step 2: 7.5t Fuel Cell REX

Step 3: 12 & 19t vehicles

Better for business

Tevva’s drive and focus has always been to make EVs as cost-effective and operationally flexible as diesel trucks.

Having Tevva BEVs in your fleet makes environmental sense but it’s a great business decision too, with long-term expenditure on maintenance and running costs in mind.
What makes Tevva unique in the medium duty truck market is the commitment to making vehicles that deliver both zero emissions and cost parity with diesel RIGHT NOW.

The combination of a realistic capital cost and reduced operating costs mean that Tevva trucks achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with an equivalent Euro 6 diesel truck, from approximately 3,000km per month, or approximately 500L of diesel consumed per month.

A greener and better truck

We believe an electric truck should be more than just practical and environmentally sound, it must be better than what’s gone before too. ‘Better’ means:

Lower total cost

Increased operational time

A truck that’s both easier and safer to drive.


The average 7.5T diesel truck burns up to 12,000 litres of diesel every year and despite growing worldwide measures to battle climate change, road freight remains the world’s fastest-growing CO2 emitter. Research shows that 80% of the global net increase in CO2 since 2000 came from road freight. 

Tevva trucks are NOT ‘specialist’ trucks for specific routes – they are trucks to be used like any other because they are designed to maximise daily mileage – thereby maximising daily CO2 reductions (as well as maximising cash savings).

Tevva trucks are more than just zero emission – sustainability is part of the Tevva DNA and shows through in two key areas of the Tevva design:

Cobalt-free battery

No rare earth metals in the next-generation switch reluctance drive motor

Better and safer to drive

Tevva trucks are smooth, responsive, relaxing to drive and easy to operate. Recent news coverage has highlighted the ever-worsening national shortage of freight drivers.

The Tevva truck brings advantages for fleets and society alike. For fleets, a truck that is no less than a step-change improvement in driver experience is a key selling point as you try to attract the best drivers.

More broadly, a cleaner, quieter, less stressful driver experience can make the profession of driving goods vehicles generically more attractive and thereby increase to available pool of drivers.

Better Numbers

Building electric trucks by the dozen simply isn’t enough for a world crying out for action on climate change. 2030 targets mean we need to be producing these vehicles by their thousands within a few years. Tevva is determined to make that happen.

Series production of the 7.5t BEV begins soon at our new plant in London Distribution Park. Vehicles will begin rolling off the production line, ready for service, in Q3 2022. Planned production levels are set to increase dramatically in 2023.