Mar 9, 2020
Tevva technology to be deployed in refrigerated electric commercial vehicles

*Global businesses are committing to ‘go electric’ at an ever-increasing rate, but cite a lack of supply from automotive OEMs as a top barrier for the acceleration of electrification.

We have already seen how commercial vehicle manufacturers are being left behind by start-up companies like Rivian and Arrival offering more immediate, viable solutions.

That’s why, at Tevva, we are delighted that our product is now starting to hit the roads of the UK as another illustration of how a lack of supply need not be a blocker to electrification.

We recently announced that Surrey, family-based firm West Horsley Dairy (WHD), is to become our first UK foodservice industry customer to run an 11-tonne truck fitted with our full suite of technologies, as well as an electric eutectic refrigeration system.

WHD delivers a wide range of high-quality dairy food products – including milk, eggs and cheeses – to London and the Home Counties.

The range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) the business has purchased from Tevva will focus on deliveries into Central London, where the Clean Air Zone means that the need for zero emission urban distribution vehicles is the most necessary and urgent.

Transport Refrigeration Units – coolers that chill and freeze food in vans and lorries – are among some of the most heavily polluting vehicles on the UK’s roads, with diesel-powered refrigeration trucks accounting for annual emissions equivalent to 1.8 million cars.*

WHD has run hybrid trucks from a different manufacturer but recognises that REEV** technology is the way forward when it comes to offering environmental impact and the range necessary to get trucks back to their base in Surrey.

At Tevva, we aren’t surprised by WHD’s forward-looking standpoint – it was one of our earliest adopters, which makes it doubly pleasing that it will be the first foodservice customer to take delivery of one of our vehicles.

WHD Managing Director, Philip Colton, said: “Although not driven by customer requests, there has been a constant demand to know what extra dimension to our own sustainability WHD could add to that of our customers, and a zero-emission vehicle fits that perfectly.

“We are looking to reduce our carbon footprint but also drive down the cost per mile of running our vehicles. The USP of the Tevva solution is its delivery range over other entrants to the EV market, even from mainline manufacturers. That has been a key factor for us because our main depot is outside London in Surrey.”

The lack of supply cited by businesses may exist among CV OEMs, but our solution proves there is a way forwards today and it’s not just our global partners like UPS and Kuehne + Nagel who are realising that; our smaller, family-run independent customers are benefiting from reduced carbon footprint and lower total cost of ownership too.


**Range Extended Electric Vehicle

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