EV technologies

Tevva’s four core technologies of Tevva Power™, Tevva Drive™, Tevva Link™ and optional Tevva ReX™ combine to offer a world-class engineered zero emission ev with maximum climate impact.


Advanced technologies for
Zero Emission Urban Deliveries.

Tevva, the eTruck and vehicle electrification specialist. One focus, one goal and one elite engineering team to deliver the world class solution you need to have complete confidence.

When you want to be certain that your distribution route will be completed every time, choose Tevva.

When you want a total operating cost advantage over diesel, choose Tevva.

When you want to demonstrate a major CO2 reduction per annum , choose Tevva.

When you want to demonstrate your commitment to reduced NOx and PM emissions in cities, choose Tevva.

When you want a lower carbon footprint vehicle and an extended lifetime truck, choose Tevva.



Battery System Development

Tevva is an industrial manufacturer of battery packs – and has extensive expertise in the development of EV battery and battery management solutions (including design for end of life in mind.) Going even further, we have turned this into the ability to offer a customer-centric battery solution. The battery is one of the most expensive inputs to any eTruck, so the amount of energy stored needs to be right-size and the optimisation of that power is key. We make it fit for purpose.

Designed, built and tested for your needs

Tevva battery systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house.  Our batteries have been conceived and developed from the outset for commercial vehicle applications.  That means a focus on long term safety, long term durability and, critically, on cost. Tevva’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams have combined to deliver a truly world class battery packs.

Tevva’s leadership in commercial vehicle battery design is matched by our manufacturing expertise and quality control. In addition we manufacture and service battery packs for a range of third parties in the automotive and defence sectors.


Safe and Stable Battery Power

The Tevva battery pack is certified to conform with the most rigorous testing standards:



Battery certified to comply with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 38.3.


Traction battery and high voltage distribution system independently certified to comply with UNECE Regulation 100 Rev 2 part 1.


ENECE Reg 100 Rev 2 Part 2 compliant system 

Battery Management System

Tevva Battery Packs and Battery Management Systems (BMS) work together to deliver efficiency, range and battery pack longevity. The BMS manages the charge, discharge and balancing of the battery.

Optimisation is key to economics

The BMS is the brains of the battery; it governs the flow of energy back into the battery under regenerative braking, how the battery is discharged under load and how it is recharged and balanced between shifts.  Our optimised BMS software delivers cell longevity and is  key to your long term operational economics.

Improved drivability built-in

Tevva’s mechanical, electrical and software engineering team have developed a system that gives the driver greater control of the torque delivery to enable him or her to move decisively into traffic with enhanced acceleration and also to manoeuvre delicately in confined space, we call this Tevva Drive.

Additionally, Tevva has maximised the efficiency of regenerative braking to give the driver real ‘one pedal’ driving dynamics whilst maximising the vehicle’s energy economy in kWh per kilometre.

All the above is done under an umbrella of absolute safety with multiple redundancies and fail safes built in.

Removing range limitations

Having the option to add more range should you need it is made easy with the Tevva ReX™ eTruck.  This gives your eTruck the flexibility of unlimited range in addtion to the typical 150Km zero emission range.

The genius of a range extender

A range extender is like a spare tyre, it’s a back-up option that you don’t always use. Tevva ReX™ trucks will spend many of their operational days without the range extender ever firing up; but in the event of a road closure or long detour, the range extender means your eTruck will always be able to do the extra miles, no matter how many.  Having the range extender allows the user to maximise the usage of the battery pack capacity every day.

More practically, the range extender gives a fleet operator the confidence to put eTrucks on long routes rather than specialist short routes.  

This means that more diesel Kilometres are eliminated, more pollution is eliminated and more money is saved by the operator.

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