Tevva REX responds to a dynamic clean air zone using CAV

Tevva’s advanced technologies include a Range Extender, this is an optional on-board charger designed to eliminate range anxiety and allow maximum battery utilisation. Tevva REX is a fully autonomous system that responds to geo-fenced designated clean air zones, ensuring the electric commercial vehicle operates in zero-emission within those zones.

The Challenge

Along with other expert partners, the challenge was to use smart city technology to improve air quality in urban areas by developing a system capable of remotely controlling a hybrid vehicle’s energy system, ensuring it switched to a zero-emission drive whilst in a designated ‘dynamic control zone’.

What does this mean in simple terms?

The CAV IoT – Smartcity software monitors the air quality within the urban area and defines dynamic zero emission zones that are created and closed as the air quality changes. The position of the vehicle is continually monitored; as the vehicle enters a fixed or dynamic zero-emission zone, messages will be sent to the vehicle ensuring that it runs in zero-emission mode. It is also possible to define charge zones, normally away from populated areas where the vehicle’s battery can be charged, again this is done autonomously with no input from the driver required.

The result

The ACCRA system was developed and tested within a 12-month timeframe. It proved that connecting vehicles to cities is possible and there are many capabilities that can be built from this to help improve air quality.

ACCRA develops the products and communication protocols, enabling data transfer between plug-in vehicles and air quality sensors to a Decision-Making Engine (DME). The DME, manages and controls where and how long zero-emission technology of both, plug-in hybrid and range-extended hybrid vehicles operate within the city.


Project ACCRA (Autonomous and Connected vehicles for CleaneR Air) uses Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology to address one of the most pressing public health issues affecting urban areas across the UK, Europe and worldwide – air quality.

” Demonstrating the connected autonomous capabilities of our range-extended, electric-trucks and working with innovative partners to create a solution for clean air in Leeds-SmartCity, proves that clean-freight technology is already sufficiently advanced to be able to make a positive impact on air quality in real time and in highly specific, targeted locations.  Compared to a fixed LEZ, this enhanced smart capability enables a city authority to target emergent pollution hot-spots and more effectively influence the way hybrid vehicles are used and driven in city centres. “

David Thackray

Sales & Marketing Director , Tevva Motors Ltd

Download the market opportunity report from Cenex below:

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