Feb 25, 2020
Tevva Power – Battery and battery management system for optimised electrification of commercial vehicles

This latest video from Tevva allows us to showcase one of our four core technologies, expertly designed and built to offer an optimised solution for commercial vehicle electrification.

Right-sized batteries and award winning eMotor delivers best in class vehicle dynamic performance.


Right-sized, modular design

Tevva’s bespoke battery and battery management allows for a scalable system which integrates to multiple platforms to meet the customers vehicle duty-cycle requirements. The system can be utilized as a full EV or Range extender integration. The modular system can be split into two easy to remove pods. Tevva Power designs have typically been based on a 74kWh or 80 kWh capacity design, with the possibility of upto 160 kWh packs available – able to deliver significant range.


Tested to the most rigorous standards

The cost-effective, cell-agnostic system employs a three-tier safety framework to ensure the crucial safety of the driver. Tevva’s battery meets the rigorous standards of UNECE Reg 100 Rev2 Part 2.


Easy to charge

Further mitigating business and fleet operational costs, any industrial 3-phase power supply can be used for charging, meaning that no expensive infrastructure is required; typical charging time from fully depleted to fully charged is around three and a half hours.


BMS – extends and protects battery life

The high-voltage electrical energy system is integrated with Tevva’s bespoke battery management system, which operates an advanced control strategy to arbitrate the flow of energy to and from the battery cells in order to optimise power and safeguard the longevity of the battery chemistry.

The BMS also governs the flow of energy back into the battery under regenerative braking, how the battery is discharged under load and how it is recharged and balanced between shifts – this is the key to battery cell longevity and therefore operational economics.

Find out about Tevva’s four core technologies and how we provide expert OEM Solutions for electrification of commercial vehicles for both on-road and off road.

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