Tevva partners with UPS to provide range extended electric vehicles in Birmingham and Southampton

Tevva’s innovative range of technologies have been installed in 15 medium duty commercial vehicles operated by global logistics giant, UPS.

The 15 vehicles are currently in service in the cities of Birmingham and Southampton and feature Tevva’s Drive, Power, Link and ReX technologies, providing the US company with a solution that delivers reductions of between 95% and 100% in harmful emissions.

The Tevva products have been integrated with the UPS truck’s existing platform and convert it into a pure electric vehicle, complete with Tevva’s bespoke battery modules and management system.

UPS has also made use of the optional Tevva ReX range extender, which enhances the range of the trucks significantly, allowing them to reach out-of-town depots and other towns comfortably, eliminating range anxiety for the drivers.

The technology developed and integrated by Tevva is particularly important for the urban distribution industry in which UPS operates, because city centres are the areas most impacted by Government and EU emissions regulations, such as the implantation of Clean Air Zones and Ultra Low Emissions Zones.

June 16:  Tevva Announcement - Latest Press Release