Tevva eTrucks

Tevva. Designed to deliver.

Delivering clean air.

Choose a Tevva eTruck with its integrated  eTruck technology and you will be at the forefront of clean freight, meeting the requirements for current and proposed Clean Air Zones, and reducing your fleet carbon footprint. Tevva offers a real, and expert solution you can stand behind.

Delivering the duty cycle.

Our trucks deliver minimum impact on payload, with a fully flexible, more practical, clean freight solution than any other for urban delivery from 7.5t GVW upwards.

Delivering cost benefits.

Our commercially-compelling eTrucks are true all-purpose vehicles. They do the same work as a diesel equivalent and can easily replace a standard ICE powered vehicle today – giving you significant savings over the life-time of the vehicle compared to a diesel.

Delivering it all. Today.

Available in a range of sizes, perfect for your urban delivery routes and for longer back to base, out of town depots. Engineered for maximum payload with batteries that are right-sized for your duty-cycle and can be used to their full capacity, risk-free, every day. Find out about Service and Warranty.

Tevva eTrucks are designed to replace, like for like, an existing diesel truck, they are designed to work hard, all day, every day, to save you money, to reduce emissions and be operationally a dream to deploy and drive.

Vehicle shown is a Tevva eTruck 7.5t with a range extender fitted

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What makes Tevva unique?

eTrucks and eTruck technology is all we do

One focus; real expertise. On-board, range extender technology enables you to get more miles from less battery – which means that for the first time eTrucks offer clear savings over diesel.

Transformational technology is matched by state of the art manufacturing processes and standards – validated by the most rigorous testing regimes available.

A no-compromise solution

The operational, environmental and financial benefits make a Tevva eTruck better than alternatives on every measure. 

Range. Choose a standard Tevva eTruck for upto 150Km electric range or specify a Tevva ReX™ range extender to make it range-unlimited. Our team will help you understand the key benefits of each option.

Payload. Available in the most useful size for your duty cycle: 7.5t-14t GVW – with minimal compromise on payload.

Easy to deploy. Easy charging on standard 3 phase, 32 Amp depot infrastructure. Typical charging time from fully depleted to fully charged is three and a half hours.

Saves you money. Take a full maintenance and repair lease and save money from month one.


What else comes with a Tevva?

Happy Drivers

A day in city traffic in a Tevva is a breeze. Forget the hard work of changing gear, forget even the jerky and  interrupted acceleration of an automatic transmission: With a Tevva eTruck, acceleration is smooth, powerful and predictable. Regenerative braking makes for much less tiring driving in stop-start, city centre traffic.


Full Green Fleet Credentials

100% electric eTruck, 100% zero emission over a typical 150Km all electric range, no noise pollution, avoid all congestion and Clean Air Zone charges.

Incredible Fuel Savings

Save on fuel costs, no change to any of your day to day operations, schedules or duty-cycles, save an average of £600 per truck per month over diesel (assuming 150 daily Km). Fast charging on standard depot infrastructure. 

Amazing Telemetry

Reduced maintenance costs through a combination of onboard telemetry & diagnostics ensuring pre-emptive maintenance.  On board software, coupled with our battery management system enables you to both pre-plan and optimise your routes and battery power to ensure you won’t run out of charge.

A winning commercial proposition

Here at Tevva we understand that each business is as individual as the clients it serves. We help you build the clean freight solution that meets your needs and that shows substantial cost savings on the total cost of ownership.  

We lead on technology

Four core technologies make this one seriously hard-working electric truck.

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