Mar 18, 2020
Tevva among the first 70 brands to be listed on global zero-emissions technology tool

CALSTART, the US-based non-profit consortium of more than 200 member companies and agency innovators dedicated to the adoption of clean vehicles, has launched its Zero-Emissions Technology Inventory (ZETI).

The ZETI is a tool designed to be a quick and easy online resource to highlight worldwide, commercially available offerings of zero-emissions medium and heavy-duty vehicles. 

The tool aims to provide fleet managers, companies and governments with comprehensive information about what zero-emissions brands have products available for resource, where those products are available internationally and a broad timeline for the availability of current and future models. 

The ZETI, which went live for the first time earlier this month, will be constantly updated as the marketplace shifts and grows, but Tevva is one of the initial 70 technology and vehicle manufacturers to be listed.

Tevva has also signed CALSTART’s Drive to Zero Pledge – a commitment to recognise the significant impact of transportation-related climate change, the urgency with which transformation of the sector is necessary and the need for co-operation between companies, governments, cities and industry. 

Over the next five years, the CV Drive to Zero participants will focus on sharing information, identifying best practices, eliminating barriers to change and co-ordinating stakeholders.

At Tevva, our philosophy is based around the fact that the climate crisis won’t wait for the world to catch up, which means that action needs to be taken right now.

“Our package of electrification technologies has already been developed and is viable today, as evidenced by the commercial vehicles already in service on the UK’s roads. That urgency transfers to the partnerships we have made over the last few years and is why we have been among the first to sign up to the CALSTART initiative.”

Robin Mackie

CEO, Tevva Motors Ltd

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