Tevva achieves certification to ISO9001:2015

As a rapidly growing company, Tevva always aims to punch above its weight when it comes to its commitment to quality. Not exactly headline news – (given the existing headlines!) but our success in achieving ISO9001:2015 certainly strikes a positive chord for Tevva, demonstrating this commitment to our suppliers, customers and partners, and I wanted to share the good news! The dedication, determination and professionalism demonstrated by our team to develop and put the processes in place that enabled us to pass the independent ISO Audit is a credit to all.

My congratulations and thanks to the entire team Quality is not about one person but the whole team focusing on and delivering on our quality promises.


We’re in a real growth phase, and I often get asked how we ensure our Quality System keeps pace, well in answer to that; we have published a number of key documents that describe our vision of Tevva; the main sign-posts, if you like. The working documents (SOPs, Work Instructions) are developed and managed by our operations and engineering teams as they are the front-line people to deliver.

I also get asked how do we ensure the quality of our products and technologies – and of course that is a combination of many things, from design, production compliance, testing, inspection, error-proof production line technologies and more…

If I had to summarise the key quality milestones we’ve achieved at Tevva over the last 12 months it would look like this:

· Completed documented guidance documents for operational activities

· Initiated KPIs and objectives across all areas of the organisation

· Embedded a right-first-time ethic into our culture

· Achieved certification to ISO9001:2015

But most of all the dedication of our team.

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