Sustainable approach to EV battery

Currently, a very low percentage of electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries are repurposed, industry-wide, this has an environmental cost and impact.  Everything must be recycled eventually, but sustainability is maximised when re-use comes before recycling. Tevva is at the forefront of the development of applications for EV battery re-use.

As a responsible manufacturer we’re continuing to research ways to use batteries at end of life and each one is built with longevity and further reuse in mind. Read about our work with partners in creating the UK’s battery value chain.

Did you know? EV Battery cells still have 80% of their capacity when they are considered end of life in an electric vehicle and no longer able to power electric vehicles, making them perfect for functions such as home energy storage where they can be used without constraint.

Going electric with a sustainable supplier is another way to demonstrate your commitment to climate goals and your green fleet credentials