Service and Warranty


Maximised uptime is ‘designed in’ to a Tevva vehicle from the outset.  Critical components such as batteries, e-motors and power electronics modules are all designed and manufactured to support a rapid ‘service exchange’ remediation process, should the need arise.  Each of these integrated modules can be dropped and swapped in less than one hour, ensuring you vehicles is returned to service without delay.


Tevva’s full telemetry and telematics suite ensures that any fault within the electric drivetrain can be diagnosed remotely from a desktop, enabling a service technician to arrive on site with a ‘right first time’ service fix with all the required spare parts to complete the job at the first visit.

Tevva telematics goes further still.  Prognostic analysis of data enables emerging faults to be pre-emptively corrected at a planned point to avoid any operational interruption.


Depending on your servicing arrangements, Tevva can train your technicians to undertake service tasks or you can draw upon the network of qualified technicians deployed by our partners.


Tevva battery cells are warranted for 5 years and have a lifespan of 7-10 years or 2000 cycles (to 80% depth of discharge).

Tevva drivetrain components are warranted for three years, extended warranties are available.