Prestigious Engineering Award for Advanced Electric Machines Ltd and Tevva

6th November 2019


Just announced tonight by ‘The Engineer UK’ – Collaborate to Innovate as Award Winners!
Timed to coincide with the Royal Academy of Engineering, This is Engineering Day – Nov 6th,
The Engineer UK hosted their annual “Collaborate to Innovate” #CB2I2019 in London where we were thrilled to be announced the WINNER in the Automotive category, as well as winning the overall Grand Prix Prize across all of the categories, for our work with AEM, University of Newcastle and partners in the development of High Density Switched Reluctance Motors – a university to commercialisation success story, years in the making! Huge credit to all against seriously stiff competition including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, BAE Systems, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Airbus and other giants in the engineering world.


Tevva launches programme to deploy electric trucks across UK and Europe

6th November 2019

Unveiled at today’s Freight in the City expo at Alexandra Palace, the ELECTRIFY programme allows companies to take the first step by deploying Tevva’s unique package of EV technologies – including bespoke battery packs and management system, advanced cloud-based software that uses geofencing to autonomously control a range extender.

tevva at freight in the citytevva at freight in the city

Tevva gets ready to reveal several vehicles at Freight in the City, London, Nov 6th  

10th October 2019

A month away from Freight in the City and Tevva is preparing to showcase its advanced technologies on several medium-duty, electric commercial vehicles exhibited on its stand V06. Registration to the event is free, and includes several opportunities to hear from and interact with our electric commercial vehicle experts.

Panel session on the technology timeframe for alternative fuel vehicles looks to answer your questions on how soon?, and will it be affordable? Hear from manufacturers (Tevva, Scania, Renault Trucks) and logistics operators (CEVA Logistics, Reynolds Catering Supplies).

Later on in the day we will host a #techtalk with a deep dive into eTruck technologies answering your questions on geofencing, regenerative braking, battery capacity vs real miles, and much more. Visit our events page for more info. 


tevva joins Transport Decarbonisation Alliance

Tevva joins Transport Decarbonisation Alliance

23rd September 2019

Chelmsford, Essex: Electric commercial vehicle technology expert, Tevva, has joined the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA), a unique collaboration of countries, cities and companies formed to accelerate the transport sector’s drive towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
The Chelmsford-based company will be officially unveiled as the newest TDA member at the height of the UNSG Climate Action Summit at the United Nations headquarters in New York today.

Tevva partners with UPS to provide range extended electric vehicles in Birmingham and Southampton 

Tevva’s innovative range of technologies have been installed in 15 medium duty commercial vehicles operated by global logistics giant, UPS.

The 15 vehicles are currently in service in the cities of Birmingham and Southampton and feature Tevva’s Drive, Power, Link and ReX technologies, providing the US company with a solution that delivers reductions of between 95% and 100% in harmful emissions.

The Tevva products have been integrated with the UPS truck’s existing platform and convert it into a pure electric vehicle, complete with Tevva’s bespoke battery modules and management system.

UPS has also made use of the optional Tevva ReX range extender, which enhances the range of the trucks significantly, allowing them to reach out-of-town depots and other towns comfortably, eliminating range anxiety for the drivers.

The technology developed and integrated by Tevva is particularly important for the urban distribution industry in which UPS operates, because city centres are the areas most impacted by Government and EU emissions regulations, such as the implantation of Clean Air Zones and Ultra Low Emissions Zones.

Business Green, Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 – Asher Bennett, Founder

June 2019

Open to any entrepreneur who has founded and run a successful green business, this award is aiming to celebrate the best in green entrepreneurship. The judges are looking for an individual who has demonstrated true entrepreneurship and took a risk to build a new, exciting, and innovative green business, and has delivered significant progress over the past year.

Here’s what the judges had to say: In a shortlist that stands testament to the huge amount of green entrepreneurial talent in the UK, Asher Bennett got the judges’ vote thanks to a breakout 2018 during which Tevva Motors secured investment, scaled up production of its range-extended electric trucks, promoted UK clean tech overseas, and stepped up R&D in a raft of zero emission innovations.

Tevva is officially welcomed as a new member of ALICE

8th July 2019


This membership confirms Tevva’s strong commitment to support the transformation of cities for cleaner urban Freight and logistics and will be taking an active role in the strategic dialogue between industry and cities to accelerate the deployment of sustainable urban Freight transport.

Fernando Liesa, Secretary General of ALICE commented:
“Delighted to have Tevva- eTrucks & technology joining ALICE. Speeding up transition to zeroemission vehicles is one of the main drivers to achieve COP21 targets and our ALICE ultimate vision of logistics and supply chain decarbonization. Having an eTruck specialist such as Tevva joining ALICE will bring to the table a new and very valuable perspective. Their insights on the implementation of zero emission freight across a range of industries will strengthen our network going forward”.



Tevva has enrolled in the “time to change employers pledge”

April 2019

In the run up to Mental Health Awareness week 13-19th May, Tevva has enrolled in the “time to change employers pledge”. Jacqui Johnson HR Manager has said around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year, Tevva has committed to sign the pledge working to change the way we all thing and act about mental health problems. Stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking help, something Tevva is passionate to work alongside the Department of Social Care, Comic Relief, National Lottery and Mind to end mental health discrimination.

Tevva eTruck demonstrates the real-time response to real traffic and clean air data to switch to zero-emission when entering a dynamically changing clean air zone. 

Tevva Motors Eyes Global Expansion After Investment Boost by Leading Automotive Player

Press Release 14th June 2018

The UK’s vanguard electric truck manufacturer has welcomed a £10m investment by Bharat Forge Limited (BFL), a technology-driven Indian metal forming multinational, which will spearhead its global expansion ambitions and create further jobs and investment at its Chelmsford, Essex plant.

The pioneering automotive firm, founded by Asher Bennett CEO, Tevva produces electric trucks in the 7.5 tonne to 14 tonne range, many of which are ‘range-extended’. A range-extended Tevva truck combines unlimited range from an on-board generator with sophisticated patented software to ensure minimum emissions in low emission zones and city centres. The company designs and builds entirely in the UK at present.

The company was established just over 4 years ago, with start-up capital from individual investors and a cornerstone investment from Angel CoFund, part of the Government-owned British Business Bank. Tevva’s products have been successfully developed and trialled with a major operator since 2015 and the first commercial truck deliveries will happen later this year.

Bharat Forge, part of the Kalyani Group, a conglomerate with multi-sectoral interests, has been working on its research, design and technology strategy in the Electric Vehicle space over the last few years. Tevva will strengthen BFL’s research and development activities in the e-mobility space. Tevva has licenced its technology to BFL for the Indian market, giving Tevva unprecedented access to the massive Indian truck market.

Edward Hyams, Tevva Motors Chairman, welcomed the investment from BFL. “We are delighted that BFL has decided to make this major strategic investment in Tevva to support the next phase of our expansion. This new funding will enable us to scale up our operations in the UK and get more electric trucks onto the roads helping to meet the needs of zero emission zones in cities such as London and Leeds, as well as internationally.

The chairman of the Kalyani Group, Mr Baba Kalyani, hailed the investment in a leader in its field. “This will bring very focused and state-of-the-art EV powertrain solutions to our customers in India and worldwide.”

For further information please contact Shai Ahmed, Chelgate Limited on 020 7939 7939/07939 252249

Tevva CEO Gives his Views to CNBC from PM’s Trade Mission in Beijing

02 February 2018

Tevva CEO Joins UK Prime Minister on Trade Visit to China

January 2018

Tevva CEO accompanies UK PM Theresa May on her trade visit to China promoting the ‘new golden era’ of UK-Chinese trade relations.

Solutions to improve the impact trucks have on our roads and to the planet

03 October 2017

Almost 30 per cent of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pumped into the atmosphere by the US comes from the transport sector.

Right now, moving ourselves around, along with all the things we make, grow, buy and consume is bad for our heath, and the health of the planet’s life support systems. However,
Tevva Motors’ CEO Asher Bennett says that his business is able to produce “the world’s greenest trucks”

Battery electric trucks that literally ‘go the distance’

September 2017

How a technology inspired by an Israeli Navy submarine has inspired a revolutionary clean freight truck that is hitting the UK’s roads in numbers in the first quarter of 2018.

Tevva sweetens up emission free transport


A truck that uses a cake ingredient as one of its key power sources will go on trial in the UK next year.

Built by Chelmsford-based Tevva motors, the truck will feature an engine that runs on a form of glycerine, along with a range-extended battery pack.

Tevva’s CEO, Asher Bennett, a former Israeli submarine commander, has received over £2m in funding from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership to develop the technology. He believes the glycerine range-extender vehicles will be the world’s first fully zero-emission trucks.

Sweet idea: lorries to run on ultra low emission glycerine

Britain’s first “clean” lorries will hit the roads next year, partly powered by an ultra low emission fuel – glycerin – to offer indefinite range with near zero emissions.  Glycerin is so clean and non hazardous it is used as a foodstuff by the baking industry…

Tevva Motors is one of Four British startups disrupting fossil-fuel-hooked transport

These ambitious entrepreneurs are battling the gargantuan emissions from our trucks and planes.

Most of the items we own have spent time in the back of a truck. Many have been transported in a van, train or the hull of an airplane. Large vehicles are the workhorses of the global economy, moving goods and people across the world. But the planet is struggling to cope with the emissions created by their powerful engines. These four smart, UK-based entrepreneurs are inventing ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Tevva Joins with Leeds in Clean Air ‘Geofencing’ Trial

Co-ordinated by mobility research organisation the Transport Systems Catapult, the project will involve capturing real-time air quality readings that will trigger hybrid electric engines to switch automatically to zero-emission running.

The technology concept will be tested on a hybrid vehicle interface developed by the Chelmsford-based electric powertrain developer Tevva Motors Ltd. Tevva designs and integrates range-extended electric powertrains for 7.5 -14 tonne trucks.

UPS Rolling out Tevva Range Extended Electric Vehicles in Birmingham and Southampton

Tevva Set To Show Off The World’s First Electric Truck At Collision

Typically when you put the words truck and Collision into the same story, the results aren’t very good. That’s not the case for UK startup Tevva, the manufacturer of the world’s first electric truck. If Tesla made a box truck, it would be a Tevva.

Tevva Motors heads to Madrid on trade mission to highlight zero-emission truck technology

Tevva Motors has been chosen by London mayor Sadiq Khan to take part in a three-day trade mission to Madrid.

Essex-based Tevva will be looking to showcase its range-extended series hybrid electric 7.5-tonner to business leaders in the Spanish capital, which plans to ban diesel vehicles by 2025.

Clean tech aquisition for urban freight

Tevva Motors takes a further step towards developing clean urban freight transport with the acquisition of Vayon Energy Storage.

Major projects drive sustainable truck development

Essex zero emission truck specialist to deliver major improvements in delivery vehicle sustainability by the end of 2017.

Chelmsford based Tevva Motors is involved in three major development projects to the value of £2.74m creating 20 new highly skilled jobs in the town.

First Drive: Tevva Motors 7.5-tonne electric range extender truck

So does it work? The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Tevva Motors Shows New Electric Powertrain

Tevva Motors leading the way in electric truck technology.

A recent study found that a majority of people feel trucks should be much cleaner and greener in the future and U.K. based Tevva Motors agrees.

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