Multiple calls for policy to support Zero Emission freight deployment in the run upto today’s Transport Day at COP25

On November 27th , 2019

Thirty businesses, haulier companies, cities, regions and NGO’s wrote to the new President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von de Leyen, and the new EU Climate chief Frans Timmermans requesting that binding truck and van sales targets be put in place as part of the European Green deal to help accelerate the adoption of zero emission technologies.

Here is a key extract from the letter:

…We therefore call on you to introduce as part of the European Green Deal within the first 100 days of your mandate a strategy for zero emission city logistics, including:   

  • A binding sales target for vehicle-makers for zero-emission vans in 2025 and 2030.
  • A binding sales target for vehicle-makers for zero-emission urban and regional trucks in 2025 and 2030.
  • A specific European investment fund dedicated to support the installation of charging infrastructure for electric vans and trucks.

These sales targets need to be ambitious, hugely increasing the supply of zero-emission vehicles compared to a business-as-usual scenario and putting Europe on track to meeting the 2030 climate targets.

Source Transport & Environment

“We fully support the request to the EU Commissioner that OEMs are given sales targets for zero emissions vehicles. The EU Parliament has already set targets for the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport to be cut by 2025, 2030 and 2050. But the ambition, economics and timescale of OEM programmes to deploy zero emission commercial vehicles is still unclear.

“Imposing sales targets on manufacturers would be a far more tangible and impactful way of driving forward the deadlines to cut emissions; climate change cannot wait for business and industry to get its house in order, it needs to happen now. That is why, at Tevva, we have developed a range of technologies that can facilitate zero emissions commercial vehicles immediately and can be integrated into almost any OEM medium duty truck to deploy electrification today.”

Robin Mackie

CEO, Tevva Motors Ltd

On December 6th 2019 

Timed in support of Transport Day COP25, members of the ACEA – the European Automobile Manufacturers Association came together and released brand new data that shows that 98.3% of all heavy and medium duty trucks (above 3.5t) on Europe’s roads run on diesel. Their president Gerrit Marx urged EU policy and decision makers: “If we are to transform this startling picture and convince hauliers to make the switch to low- and zero-emission vehicles on a large-scale, Europe urgently needs to introduce a strong package of consistent and predictable policy measures.”  Source ACEA. Read more.

Find out more about Tevva’s work with key stakeholders helping form policy decisions, and create decisive action towards transport decarbonisation through collaboration and exchange with countries, cities and other industry parties.  

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