medium duty electric trucks

Electrified medium duty trucks are the big opportunity for three main reasons:

  • Higher mileage = greater savings (electric commercial vehicles work long shifts every day, compared to cars, saving more CO2, NOx and PM AND fuel), they electrify more miles.
  • Back to base operation = easier and better charging solutions (transport depots have the space and control of parking to facilitate charging infrastructure including potential for on-site renewable energy sources for clean electricity)
  • Far more efficient than vans – reduces GHGs and pollution and eases congestion by displacing smaller vans (medium duty trucks have four times the payload of a van whilst using only a little more space and ‘fuel’.

Lets study the numbers!

tevva medium duty ev

Save more CO2

If you swap one diesel car for an electric car, you’ll save around two tonnes of CO2 per year. If you swap a 12T diesel truck for an electric replacement, you’ll save around TWENTY tonnes of CO2 per year.

Electrify more miles

Further, if you demonstrate the benefit of an electric truck to a fleet operator, they might buy ten, a hundred or even a thousand vehicles (note recent EV orders placed by Amazon and UPS) whereas you and I, as private motorists, will buy only one car.  In other words, the electric truck has far greater potential to move the climate emergency needle quickly than the electric car.

Not just CO2 but PM too

It gets better; one 12 truck can displace 4 vans (both will carry around five-and-a-half tonnes of freight). If you swap 4 Euro 6 vans for one 12T e-truck you save something in the order of thirty-seven tonnes of CO2, three-and-a-half kilogrammes of Particulate Matter and twelve kilogrammes of NOx every year.

Helps reduce congestion

And just in case making big impacts on both the climate emergency and the public health emergency simultaneously hasn’t persuaded you; a convoy of four vans will occupy roughly 60 metres of road space whilst a 12T truck will fill about one third of that space – so the larger truck also takes a useful bite out of the urban congestion problem.

The above are the reasons why it is my belief that electrification allied to massification of freight vehicles is the single most potent intervention that can be made by the transport sector to arrest the climate emergency, improve urban air quality and reduce the congestion in our cities.

I have appended the basis of the above tabulated figures so dont hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss further. Email:

My thanks to @Sophie Punte and her team at the @smartfreightcentre for the sterling work on the GLEC framework and to @JamesCarter for a handy signpost to some battery manufacturing CO2 data.

David Thackray

Sales & Marketing Director, Tevva Motors Ltd

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