Tevva has opportunities for financial and corporate investors looking to make strategic investments, particularly if this can be combined with strategic collaboration to grow and develop the business.

About the investment opportunity:

Tevva was founded in 2013, with a development centre and production facility in Chelmsford, UK.  Tevva is a leading developer of electrification systems for commercial vehicles with a strong management team and a strong track record of key milestone achievements. Its technology across the electric powertrain drives superior performance, is applicable to a broad range of vehicles and duty cycles, and provides a solution which prevents emissions in urban areas, whilst enabling a fully practical vehicle for operators. Tevva has a modular approach to its technology design, enabling cost-effective integration into OEM vehicle platforms resulting in numerous competitive benefits for end users (significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership compared to diesel vehicles). Tevva has developed and deployed directly with customers, and is now ready to scale production volumes.

To date, Tevva has been well supported by its investors, and has used its capital to establish a high performance team and world class facilities and to deploy vehicles into full commercial use. We have been grateful for the support of our strategic investor, Bharat Forge, our earlier stage investors and Angel Cofund who have supported our growth since 2014.  Please note that Tevva is not a public company and we do not currently have investment opportunities suitable for retail investors.


Our growth timeline

Current and prospective investors can request more information on the current investment opportunities by emailing: