HGV Operators – called to participate in the creation of the new Ultra Low Emission Truck Standards

About Road to Zero Strategy and ULET

The UK Government’s 2018 Road-to-Zero Strategy committed to working with industry to develop an ultra-low emission standard for trucks.

The ULET initiative will provide clarity on anticipated emission standards and promote increased R&D and testing of suitable technologies. Establishing a ULET standard may allow for future incentives for the use of, or infrastructure for, cleaner alternatively fuelled HGVs.

Early in 2018, LowCVP was asked by Innovate UK to begin the process of developing a set of whole-vehicle emissions standards for HGVs (building Ultra-Low Emission Bus standards) to act as a benchmark for technology developers and OEMs aiming to have their vehicles recognised as Ultra-Low Emission Trucks (ULETs). The standards could also form the pillar for a subsequent government-incentivised market roll-out.

The project will build on this initial set of ideas and principles to finalize a set of proposals for a ULET standard.

Source: Low CVP

HGV Operators – complete the survey and contribute to the new ULET standard


A set of Ultra-Low Emission Truck (ULET) standards could play a key role in encouraging industry-focused technology development for next-generation, highly fuel efficient, clean, green and sustainable heavy goods vehicles. The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) has been tasked with developing detailed ULET proposals and to do so are seeking contributions from HGV operators via an on-line survey.

The questions seek your views on what proportion of a truck’s distances travelled are typically on city, urban, regional or motorway type roads, and how those proportions vary by size and weight of HGV, as well as info on typical daily and weekly mileages and fuel consumption (for conventional diesel-fuelled HGVs).

All responses will be held in strict confidence and only used, by combining the various individual responses for each vehicle category, for overall UK HGV fleet estimates.

The goal is to aggregate the results from individual respondents together to derive average/typical estimates representative of the UK HGV fleet.

 More information and objectives of the study and the Low CVP, click here.


“The LowCVP has an important role to play in driving legislation in the right direction.  By supporting the Low CVP’s Commercial Vehicle Working Group,  Tevva and the other members, held to shape the way the government and industry move towards the necessary environmental goals. The over-riding goal here is not to layer on ever-tightening policy but to provide workable solutions, including incentives,  that enable all parts of the value chain, and ultimately the climate to thrive.”

Richard Lidstone-Scott

Commercial Director & Member of the CVWG , Tevva Motors Ltd