Join us on our stand
at Freight in the City
November 6


Unveiling 2 new medium duty electric commercical vehicles, and integrated ev technologies

Join us on our stand V06 at Freight in the City, 2019

New vehicles, panel debate and technology explained, Tevva takes a leading role in this years FITC Expo

FITC is a leading event in the UK, showcasing the very latest vehicles, technology and equipment to enable urban deliveries to be made cleanly, safely, quietly and efficiently.

This year, Tevva is getting ready to unveil two brand new medium duty electric vehicles packed with its advanced technologies.

Register for this FREE event, meet our technology and vehicle experts, and attend the conference programme where we will be talking on the technology timeframe panel at  12.00 and giving a Tech Talk: EV Technology explained at 13.50.

David Thackray

Sales and Marketing Director at Tevva Motors Limited

We’ll be showcasing two electric commercial vehicles carrying our cutting-edge technologies and we will be part of the debate panel at 12pm talking about the ‘Technology Timeframe’ which will answer questions about how soon alternative fuel CV technology will become available to mainstream industry and, perhaps more importantly, how it will become affordable for all.

In fact, more than that, we’ll also be making some exciting announcements about how we’re planning to drive the wider efforts to decarbonise the freight industry and incentivise logistics businesses to make the move to electric.

Ahead of our participation in FITC at Ally Pally, I was interviewed by @HayleyPink from @Motor Transport magazine. Here’s how the conversation went.

Q: With several successful trials under your belt, and the major UPS order revealed last month, will 2020 be the year we see Tevva becoming a familiar sight in UK cities?

Yes – we’ll have increasing numbers of vehicles deployed in the UK from Q2 and, more than that, our technology will be a familiar sight in a number of European locations, beginning in Amsterdam in Q3

Q. What has been the driving force behind Tevva’s success?

The development of an exceptionally well-engineered vehicle that is focused on safety, quality and durability – and one that truly delivers on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – ie, it achieves at least parity with diesel but more often than not exceeds diesel when it comes to TCO and driving experience.

Q. Have attitudes to electric trucks changed since Tevva’s launch in 2013?

Unquestionably. Back then, the question was ‘if’ – ie can e-trucks displace diesel. Now, that question has become ‘when’ – the electrification of the commercial vehicle market now seems inevitable and the question now is how quickly will it happen. The answer to that question is ‘sooner than most people believe’. Which means that those businesses and fleet managers who aren’t yet climbing on board are likely to get left behind.

Q. What do you perceive as the main barriers to electric trucks moving into the mainstream, and how is Tevva helping to address these?

There remains some education to be done – mostly amongst the smaller fleets. I think the bigger operators already see the benefits and opportunities. But the biggest challenge is simply one of getting the supply of product to the scale required to meet the challenge of the Climate Emergency. In the logistics world, the issue of charging infrastructure is less difficult; for sure it’s a job of work, but it is just work, like building a new warehouse is work rather than something complicated that needs major changes in public policy. The hard part in all this is getting production from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands in a very few years.

Q. What size truck is suitable for Tevva’s range-extender technology?

Right now, 7.5-14t GVW – in time, it is possible that heavier options will be offered, and we are looking at alternative ReX options

Q. Which type of operations are most suited to range-extenders?

Almost all. Any electric truck delivers better TCO as the total mileage increases. Tevva’s REX range extender enables that increased mileage and makes the e-truck a fully all-purpose truck, not a specialist truck; moreover, it eliminates range anxiety, which is another of the key challenges we come up against when talking to businesses. – The whole point of the range extender is for the operators to choose a battery size that fits their duty cycles, and then use 100% of that battery every day

Q. How many trucks are on order to date and what are your growth predictions for the next few years?

By the middle of 2020, our trucks will be in service with 20-30 different fleets, including many of the largest in Europe.

Q. Are range-extended trucks affordable for SMEs?

Yes – and to prove it we are already supplying some SMEs, partnering with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions to provide these vehicles on a lease basis in order to allow customers to adopt these without risk.

Q. Can operators trial or rent a Tevva truck for a period of time to test suitability in their business?

We will be making a major announcement on this topic at Freight in the City on Nov 6th

Yes – and interested parties need to contact me urgently. We are already becoming over-subscribed.

Q. Do you think electromobility will become the main focus of urban deliveries, or will other technologies gain ground?

Only electromobility addresses both CO2 and Air Quality simultaneously (H2 is a variety of electromobility) – so YES – it will be the main focus Because pure electric can’t electrify enough miles to make the impact necessary. Pure EV address air quality in town but not the wider CO2 issue. This is where having a rex that allows you to electrify the maximum number of miles everyday without risk, delivers over and above pure EV whilst still addressing Urban deliveries which is a key duty cycle for Med-duty vehicles

Q. Why should people come to see Tevva at FITC; what are you going to be talking about?

Firstly, we will be bringing two of our most up-to-date vehicles for people to view and we’ll be able to talk to anyone who’s interested and explain how our technology works. But we’ll also be using the event to make a major announcement that we hope will swiftly convince more logistics business operations that eTrucks are the way to go, not in the future but now. The technology is real, it’s available and it is proven in real-world trials and in-service vehicles that we have on the roads today.

Two new vehicles launching soon at Freight In the City, London 2019