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Your first step to fleet electrification

Tevva’s Electrify Initiative

If you are motivated to be a champion for clean freight and clean air in our cities and are willing to share your experiences, we’d like to hear from you. 

Your company could be part of Tevva’s Electrify Initiative – The Commercial EV Technology Demo Fleet.

This programme will track a fleet of eTrucks through a range of different fleets, different operations and different duty cycles.  With each truck spending a few months in each fleet, a comprehensive meta-study will be created that will prove beyond all argument that eTrucks beat diesels on every single axis of evaluation.  Of course. it will prove that to you too.

Want to join the Tevva Electrify Initiative?

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For complete clarity of cost over 7 years, a full repair and maintenance lease is ideal.

Or purchase outright.

Taking the lead on clean freight has never been easier. Tevva’s 7-14 tonne GVW battery electric vehicles can be purchased outright or supplied via a Full Repair and Maintenance Operating Lease – the choice is yours.

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Outright Purchase Full Repair and Maintenance Operating Lease
FREE initial fleet survey to guide solution YES YES
Compliance with London ULEZ YES YES
Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant of up to £20,000. YES YES
Cash Flow positive from day one NO YES – savings from diesel & servicing are greater than or equal to payments on a 1+83 month lease
All maintenance cost included NO YES
Residual Value Defined at outset NO YES
Range Extender Available YES YES

Lower cost than diesel…

All Tevva vehicles promise a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) versus an ‘equivalent’ diesel alternative.  However, it is a fact the EVs carry a greater up-front capital cost (substantially driven by battery costs) and to overcome that capex hurdle, Tevva has made it possible to take your new, full electric truck on a operating lease over 7 years with a 1+83 payment profile.

Very simply, that means your operational savings accrue in perfect step with your outgoing expenditure and you can be cash-flow positive from the first month your vehicle is on fleet.

The operating lease option also has the benefit of taking away any questions you might still have around maintenance costs and residual values – they are ‘baked in’ rather than being a variable for you to worry about.

…but with just the same peace of mind

If your routes and duty cycle demand it, add peace of mind in terms of range by adding the range extender Tevva ReX. You may never use it but knowing it is there makes a world of difference. 

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