Feb 10, 2020
CEVA Logistics signs upto TEVVA partnership, joins Tevva electrify initiative

Today, CEVA logistics announced their collaboration with Tevva and their ongoing commitment to emission reduction and future electric vehicle procurement.

The trial also supports the Transport for London (TfL) FreightLab initiative, which aims to tackle congestion and keep goods moving in London and in which CEVA Logistics is a launch partner.


Vehicle trial aims to deliver reductions of between 95% and 100% in polluting emissions


Powerful partnership will support the future development of electric vehicles for the supply chain


Trial of vehicles operating from Urban Distribution Hub will be model for future electric trucks introduction across UK network

How will CEVA logistics deploy the electric vehicles?

What is a Tevva 12t REEV, available through this initiative?

“The Tevva electrify initiative will enable better understanding and increased adoption to significantly accelerate the use of electric vehicles in a real-world environment. It is clear that electrification technology is now ready to displace diesel and we are delighted that CEVA Logistics has joined the initiative and has launched a full trial with two vehicles.”
David Thackray

Sales & Marketing Director, Tevva Motors Ltd

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